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How to upgrade host software

1. Create a folder named 'OTDR' in the u-drive directory, and put the upgraded file ftx-1000.exe into the 'OTDR' folder;

2. Insert the usb flash disk into the instrument;

3. Wait for 10 seconds, click [system], and then click the [upgrade] button in the lower right corner;

4. When the instrument prompts whether to upgrade, select "yes" and enter the upgrade interface. Click the "upgrade" button;

5. After the upgrade is completed, restart the instrument to complete the upgrade.

NK5600 Multi-function -OTDR NK6000 Multi-function -OTDR
How do client analysis softwar

1. Need to download PDF virtual printer, search for 'PDF virtual printer' in the browser, download and install it;

2. Open the client analysis software, open the file, and select the "print" under the "file" menu;

3. In the pop-up dialog box, select the PDF printer you have installed, as shown in the figure below.


NK5600 Multi-function -OTDR NK6000 Multi-function -OTDR

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