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Novker communication products passed ISO9000 certification

      ISO9000 standard is an international standard formulated by the international standardization organization (ISO), which defines the quality management and quality assurance system, is the basis for quality control in the production process of products, and is the passport for quality evaluation and supervision of products and enterprises. ISO9000 is by far the world's most mature quality framework, which is used by over 750,000 organizations in 161 countries/regions. It sets standards not only for the quality management system but also for the overall management system.

      As a high-tech enterprise specializing in optical fiber testing instruments, Novker communication keeps innovating in product technology and strives to provide the most satisfactory service for users. Nock communication has successfully obtained the quality management system certification, and the quality management system conforms to GB/ t19001-2016 / iso9001:2015 national standards.

      The craftsman spirit is the enterprise belief that nork communication has been adhering to, providing customers with high-quality products. Under the supervision and certification of multiple authorities, nork communication will never forget its original intention, and the more the better.


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